1.       In this contract, Gumbsie Car Rental will be called "The Renting Company" and you, the customer whose name appears on the front of this contract, will be referred to as "The Renter"

2.       The Renter agrees to return the rented vehicle to agreed place and at time as agreed upon in the contract.

3.       The vehicle has only been rented and has not been sold.

4.       An accident should be reported within 24 hours to the Renting Company’s office in writing and a Police Report must be made or else renter assumes full responsibility.

5.       The Renting Company is not responsible for any injury to the Renter, driver or other passengers of the said rented vehicle in the case of an accident.

6.       The Renter agrees not to use the vehicle as a taxi or lease or lend the vehicle to other persons.

7.       The Renter agrees to pay for damages to the vehicle, loss of tools, equipment or spare tires.

8.       The Renting Company agrees to refund the Renter’s full deposit providing there are no damages done to the rented vehicle.

9.       The rented vehicle will operate under the following conditions:

a.       The Renter must have a valid Driver’s License and 25 years or over.

b.       The vehicle must be operated within the legal speed limits.

c.       The vehicle must not be used to tow or push another vehicle.

d.       The vehicle must not be operated by any person other than those listed on the Contract.

e.       The Renter must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

f.        The Renter should not transport any illegal drugs, ammunition, stolen good in the vehicle if an such items are found within the vehicle, the Renter is totally responsible for such.

g.       Dirty cars with garbage in the car attract a $20.00 surcharge.

h.       Smoking within the vehicles will incur a $100.00 surcharge.

i.         The renter is responsible for flat tires.

10.   All charges for violating the law must be paid by the Renter and not the Renting Company.

11.   The loss of the key to the rented vehicle will result in the Renter having to pay for replacing the spare key.

12.   The Renting Company is not responsible for loss of any items left in the vehicle at anytime or place.

13.   All vehicles returned one hour late will incur a late fee of $6.00. Any over two(2) hours will be charged as an additional day.

14.   The Renting Company may repossess the vehicle at any time or place if it is being used in violation of this agreement. No refund will be provided.